Sanati Factory Handmade Journals Leather and Wood

When I look back at the start of our Sanati Factory shop on Etsy, I wonder what were the reasons for our leather journal business.

There are certainly more than one.

First, both I, Natalia and my hubby Alex (in Russian his short name is Sasha) wanted to start something unique and connected with production. Etsy was the first choice as we had some prior experience with it. We called our little company Sanati (with is an abbreviation from Sasha and Natasha), and started with what we knew something about – nested dolls, amigurumis, sewn toys. But that was tough. When we saw how other people sold their TNs here on Etsy, we thought we might add our own creative spark into this field as it offers wide variety of options.

Second, we had some skills and were inclined for journalling, getting organized, designing (and travelling, too!). Alex loves to design (he has all possible graphic professional software on his laptop, along with a graphic tablet for drawing, and is very proficient in using photo and video editors) and to write (he also writes business books). I have been doing decoupage, knitting, sewing for a long time.

Third, we wanted to organize a family business that has a potential and does not depend on our poor country’s dying markets.

Well, there were other causes but it all began in April, 2015. We worked from our apartment till the end of the year when pre-Christmas sales inspired us to rent an office. We went through many stages of buying equipment, finding materials suppliers as well as employees. It was incredible experience, and although we spent as much as we earned, for about a year, we knew this will change.

Some experiments led us to change the direction of the business drastically when one of our aquaintances, Katya, offered to paint on the notebooks (she had been doing that for a few years for her friends). When we tried, it was almost an instant success.

Today we have both an office and located nearby spacy studio and get orders from many places, not only selling on Etsy but also locally, wholesale and on other marketplaces. We have a loyal group of international buyers on Facebook and Instagram, regular customers from all around the world. But the other side of this business is that we are connected to Ukrainian community of masters and aspiring shop owners who learn from my husband how to start their Etsy business. He is a well-established authority, and many people come to his webinars and master classes from all the country.

To summarize the above said, our Sanati Factory shop on Etsy helped us not only to create a stable income for supporting our growing family (now we have three kids) but also connect to a wide community of like-minded people. Thank you, Etsy! Thank you, our visitors, our current and prospective buyers! Thank you for reading our (maybe a bit unusual and maybe an inspiring) story!

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