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Hemp cloth A shorts made of high quality hemp cloth. Hemp fabric perfectly saves warmth and allows body to breathe, so this is shorts is perfect for every season. Our masters can produce a shorts of any size. The fabric has hypoallergenic properties and does not irritate the skin. Has a pleasant natural smell. The fabric protects you from sunlight ultraviolet light, what is very important. Hemp fabric remarkably removes moisture, gives a sense of freshness and comfort, while the skin breathes freely. The fabric is very durable. Our hemp fabric is never processed by chemical means (pesticides, herbicides), so it is safe for everyone. Cultivation of hemp does not require much water, so it is environmentally friendly. Using hemp shorts, you take care of your health and take care of the environment and nature. Such a stylish shorts will last you for many years, and always will give you vitality, due to its natural energy!

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Hemp cloth:

– allows the body to “breathe”
– antibacterial
– anti-allergic
– absorbs moisture and prevents sweating
– very durable
– protects against dust mites, bacteria and fungi
– suitable for people suffering from allergies and asthma
– made of environmentally friendly natural material

Made in Ukraine.

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